Prescription Benefits

YourDirect-Rx offers the most comprehensive and affordable prescription benefits program to the average American and their family.

Our Partners

Telemedicine - Remote Doctor Service

- In business 16+ years

- Over 1.5 million clients

- Licensed US doctors

- Access 24 hours / 7 days a week

- 6 to 9 minute average wait time

Mail Order Pharmacy

- In business over 30+ years

- Licensed in all 50 states to deliver prescriptions.

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

- In business 12+ years

- Handling the prescription needs for over 4+ million lives annually

The Core Team

Randy Case

Founder & CEO

In 2023, Randy established Premier-Rx, disrupting the prescription drug industry and facilitating widespread access to medications and tele-health programs. In the 2010-2020 period, Randy played a pivotal role in the energy and real estate sectors by establishing and scaling teams of experts, one being the acclaimed renovation of Palm Desert Country Club.

Carmine Parrella


Carmine Parrella, COO of Premier-Rx and a founder, brings extensive C Suite experience. He initiated successful ventures like Crystal Pure Waters and a specialized credit card processing portfolio. Carmine began his career trading commodities, later leaving Wall Street due to 9/11's impact and embracing public speaking and entrepreneurial coaching.

Heather Stephens


Heather is a corporate finance specialist with a background in human resources and entrepreneurship. Educated at San Diego State University, her expertise aids clients in overcoming financial challenges and achieving lasting success. Heather is a dedicated partner for businesses executing financial goals.

Dustin Stephens


Dustin is a seasoned technology professional with a strong innovation and leadership background, initially starting as a database developer for social media startups. His expertise in software, interface development, and project management has been honed at companies like Micro Gaming Technologies and Broadbent & Associates.

The Program Designer

Stephen Hodges


Stephen has over 35 years of pharmacy and medical management experience at multiple Fortune 10 corporations. This includes PBM management and oversight, C-suite consulting to the largest pharmacy chains in the US, drug wholesalers and associations, compounding pharmacy ownership and management, medical practice management, and hospital / home health administration.

The Your Direct Rx Approach


“People are at the center of everything we do.”
Our primary focus is our members' well being. YourDirect-Rx was formed for the people, by the people - with no outside investors.

& Convenient

Simplifying how all Americans take advantage of prescription benefits.”
We believe that everyone deserves convenient access to prescription benefits and remote doctor services. Our membership is designed to provide the best benefits - accessible by all Americans.


"Breaking barriers to bring cost effective prescription benefits directly to you.”
We've reduced your prescription benefits cost by partnering with an innovative industry-leading PBM, a pharmacy solution provider and a telemedicine company.



The PBM market is controlled by 3 players owning over 80% of this massive market.

66 PBM

66 PBMs controlled over 266 million American lives in 2022.


In 2022 there were nearly 30 million Americans without any kind of health benefits.

* According to Grandview Research, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the Kaiser Foundation

In the Press

“Your Direct Rx is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by bridging the gap between patients and medical professionals, and fostering an environment that prioritizes well-being and accessibility.”

“Verywell has significantly transformed the healthcare industry by seamlessly connecting patients and healthcare providers, cultivating a supportive space that values health, convenience, and individualized care above all else.”

“Verywell is genuinely reshaping healthcare by uniting patients and medical experts in a powerful way, while creating a culture centered on wellness, ease of access, and personalized healthcare experiences.”

“Verywell is innovatively altering the face of healthcare by effectively linking patients with medical specialists, and promoting a setting that emphasizes overall health, user-friendly experiences, and tailored patient solutions.”