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YourDirect-Rx offers Americans & their families cost-effective healthcare solutions. It includes 24/7 remote doctors, access to free generic drugs delivered to the door and more.
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An affordable alternative to prescription benefits.

YourDirect-Rx brings you a special prescription benefit program just for you and your family. It's made to be better than usual pharmacy benefits and works with some of the best companies to give you health advantages & tele-medicine services that fit what you need.

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Exclusive Advantages of YourDirect-Rx

Explore the unique benefits of YourDirect-Rx, where enhanced patient care meets cost-effectiveness. Learn how we're redefining healthcare advantages for a better tomorrow.

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24/7 Telemedicine

A telemedicine feature offering 24/7 unlimited urgent care with dedicated, licensed US physicians responding in 6-9 minutes. Premier RX provides specialized telemedicine services with exclusive W-2 physicians focused on the platform.

Free Generic Drugs

Over 1,000 free generic maintenance drugs delivered to your door in 90-day supplies with no co-pay or shipping. The urgent care medications / antibiotics are picked up free at one of our 68,000 nationwide partner pharmacies.

Brand Drug Savings

Purchase many of your brand name and specialty drugs at deep discounts. Utilizing our PBM or other partners, we offer the best pricing on brand and specialty drugs.
I had a tooth extraction that had an abscess with emergency dental surgery.  The dentist prescribed me Amoxicillin post-surgery and Ibuprofen.  I started the antibiotic immediately but started feeling unwell after a couple of days.

I called the dental office to let them know how I was feeling and they advised me to follow up with urgent care or the ER. The infection must have spread to my system and if I hadn’t called the remote doctor service through YourDirect-Rx I would have ended up in the hospital or worse. Thank you to YourDirect-Rx and the wonderful doctor who saved me!
Nola Fairbanks
I have never had my prescription drugs delivered to my doorstep. At least not until I joined the YourDirect-Rx membership. The first time they were delivered I could only remember ALL those times and hassles I went through to pick up my maintenance drugs. It was NEVER easy and NEVER a quick process. I had to first call the pharmacy to make sure they had my drugs in stock. If not, I would wait 48-72 hours to get them. When they had them, I had to arrange for the pickup and drive 20-30 min to their location and usually  wait 15 min or so in line to pay for them. NEVER again. Now they are simply delivered to my doorstep in 90 day supplies. All I can say is THANK YOU YourDirect Rx. My life just got a whole lot easier.
James Ollenburger
My wife and I have full health coverage through my wife's employer. We do not have any deductibles to meet under our prescription drug plan, but we were spending $138 per month just on co-pays for our maintenance medications.

After joining Your Direct-Rx for $63.95 per month for self and spouse, our co-pays went to zero and our net savings is $74.00 per month for the same prescription drugs.  With Your Direct-Rx, we've realized true savings and it's incredibly convenient.  Our 90-day supply maintenance medications are now shipped to our door at no cost, with no more trips to the pharmacy!
Erik Jensen
The phone call with the doctor was short and simple. We went over the reason for the call and she confirmed the pharmacy and filled my prescription. The phone call only took about 2 minutes. No co pay, no fees, and the prescription I personally needed is completely free. Talk about easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!!

If you have any other questions about the process please let me know! Great things are happening!
Mya DeHaan

Here is exactly how YourDirect-Rx works.

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After signing up, you'll receive a simple guide from us. Here we show you how to activate all the benefits that come with the membership.

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Start your journey to well-being with the peace of mind that your benefits are available at all times.

Check Our Top 12 FREE Formulary Drugs

Atorvastatin (Cholesterol): 10-80mg
Lisinopril (Blood Pressure): 2.5-30mg
Levothyroxine (Thyroid): 25-300mcg
Metformin (Diabetes): 500-1000mg
Generic Apri (Birth Control)
Sildenafil (Viagra):
Tadalafil (Cialis): 2.5-20mg
Omeprazole (Stomach): 10-40mg
Azithromycin (Antibiotic): 100-500mg
Amoxicillin (Antibiotic): 250-875mg
Sertraline (Antidepressant): 25-100mg
Albuterol Inhaler (Asthma): 2.5mg

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Comparing Market Alternatives

YourDirect-Rx stands out in delivering remarkable healthcare solutions. Explore our detailed comparison:


Other Companies

YourDirect-Rx offers over 1,000 free generic drugs
PrimeRx Pass: 50 free generics. CostPlus and GoodRx Gold: None
YourDirect-Rx provides discounts on all brand and specialty drugs
GoodRx Gold: Discounts on all brands; CostPlus: 3 brands; PrimeRx: No discounts
Ships a 90-day supply of medications to your door for free
PrimeRx: Ships eligible meds to your door for free. CostPlus & GoodRx Gold: No free shipping to door
Network includes over 68,000 pharmacies
PrimeRx: ~60,000 pharmacies; GoodRx Gold: ~38,000; CostPlus: No network.
Offers up to an 80% discount on medications
GoodRx Gold & PrimeRx: Up to 80% off; CostPlus: ~20% off.
Provides unlimited free telemedicine sessions
GoodRx Gold: Telemedicine from $19; CostPlus & PrimeRx: No telemedicine


Who is YourDirect-Rx?

YourDirect-Rx is a membership program that extends the benefits of the YourDirect-Rx’s business-to-business model to individuals and their families.

Who is Premier-Rx?
Premier-Rx is a leading business-to-business prescription benefits membership program and the sister company YourDirect-Rx offers the same benefits as Premier-Rx without the rebates aggregator.

What are the benefits of YourDirect-Rx cost-saving membership?

- Free maintenance medication in a 90-day supply delivered to your door, no shipping and no copay. This formulary is designed to cover 90% - 95% of what the average American takes on a maintenance medication program.
- Over 60 free antibiotics at over 68,000 nationwide pharmacies.
- Up to 80% off select brand & specialty drugs.
- Free remote access to a US doctor in 6-9 minutes, 24/7.
- Reduced ER and urgent care visits and costs.
- No annual increases in your membership price.

Who benefits from a YourDirect-Rx Membership?

Almost everyone can! YourDirect-Rx caters to individuals, whether self-employed, uninsured, or underinsured, as well as to individuals that don’t elect to take their current plans offered by organizations, companies, unions, and government agencies. It's also suitable for the everyday American seeking affordable prescription benefits that addresses a significant portion of their medical needs.

How is YourDirect-Rx able to provide these benefits?

Formulary Partner: This partner offers an innovative solution to the rising prescription costs faced by businesses. They have a formulary with over 1,000 generic drugs, including many urgent care antibiotics, which helps reduce prescription expenses for employers, unions, and associations. They also allow participants to save up to 80% off select branded & specialty drugs.

Pharmacy Partner: Operating for over 30 years, they focus on providing custom compound medications for physicians and patients. Licensed in all 50 states, they ensure medication delivery across the U.S.

Telemedicine Partner: They're modernizing routine medical care to save clients' costs. Unlike other tele-health services, they hire top-tier US based doctors exclusively dedicated to telemedicine. Available 24/7, a member can speak to a doctor in just 6-9 minutes for free, cutting down unnecessary ER and urgent care expenses.

PBM Partner: Established in 2011, they focus on prioritizing people over profits, aiming to alter the way self-funded organizations interact with their PBMs. In 2022, they processed 4.2 million claims and catered to over 1.2 million lives, offering YourDirect Rx competitive drug prices and services similar to other PBMs.

What conditions does our remote doctor cover?

- Allergies and rashes
- Arthritis pain
- Back pain or injury
- Bone or joint pain, strain or injury
- Chickenpox
- Cold sores (fever blisters)
- Diarrhea
- Earache
- Eczema
- Conjunctivitis or pink eye
- Fever and flu
- Headache
- Impetigo
- Insect bites and stings- Lice
- Lyme disease
- Nasal or respiratory congestion
- Prescriptions called in when appropriate
- Rashes
- Sinusitis or sinus infections
- Soft tissue and muscle injuries or pain
- Sore throat
- Stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
- Upper respiratory infections
- Upset stomach
- Urinary tract infections
- Vomiting
- Your individual medical concerns

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do issue refunds if our members aren't satisfied with our service. Please refer to our refund policy for more.
View all FAQs by clicking here.
The content and telehealth services provided on the YourDirect-Rx platform are intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your physician or a qualified healthcare provider for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health. In case of a medical emergency, call your doctor or dial emergency services immediately. Reliance on any information provided on this platform is solely at your own risk.