Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated:
8th September, 2023

Who is YourDirect-Rx?

YourDirect-Rx is a membership program that extends the benefits of the Premier-Rx’s business-to-business model to individuals and their families.

Who is Premier-Rx?
Premier-Rx is our parent company, a leading business-to-business prescription benefits membership program, offering the same benefits as YourDirect-Rx except with brand rebates to the business owner.

What are the benefits of having YourDirect-Rx?

- Free maintenance medication in a 90-day supply delivered to your door, no shipping and no copay. This formulary is designed to cover 90% - 95% of what the average American takes on a maintenance medication program.

- Over 60 free antibiotics at over 68,000 nationwide pharmacies.

- Up to 80% off select brand & specialty drugs.

- Free remote access to a US doctor in 6-9 minutes, 24/7.

- Reduced ER and urgent care visits and costs.

- No annual increases in your membership price.

How much does the monthly membership cost?

YourDirect-Rx is a monthly membership fee of $59.95 for individuals.

You can add your spouse for only $4.00 more. (Monthly total - $63.95)

And you can cover your whole family for an additional $4.00. (Monthly total - $67.95)

Who benefits from a YourDirect-Rx Membership?

Almost everyone can! YourDirect-Rx caters to individuals, whether self-employed, uninsured, or underinsured, as well as to individuals that don’t elect to take their current plans offered by organizations, companies, unions, and government agencies. It's also suitable for the everyday American seeking affordable prescription benefits that addresses a significant portion of their medical needs.

Is there an age range for the Individual program?

You must be between the ages of 18 and 64 (unless you are a child on the family plan - under 18 years of age). Any child over 18 would need their own individual plan.

How is YourDirect-Rx able to provide these benefits?

Formulary Partner: This partner offers an innovative solution to the rising prescription costs faced by businesses. They have a formulary with over 1,000 generic drugs, including many urgent care antibiotics, which helps reduce prescription expenses for employers, unions, and associations. They also allow participants to save up to 50% - 80% off select branded & specialty drugs.

Pharmacy Partner: Operating for over 30 years, they focus on providing custom compound medications for physicians and patients. Licensed in all 50 states, they ensure medication delivery across the U.S.

Telemedicine Partner: They're modernizing routine medical care to save clients' costs. Unlike other tele-health services, they hire top-tier US based doctors exclusively dedicated to telemedicine. Available 24/7, a member can speak to a doctor in just 6-9 minutes for free, cutting down unnecessary ER and urgent care expenses.

PBM Partner: Established in 2011, they focus on prioritizing people over profits, aiming to alter the way self-funded organizations interact with their PBMs. In 2022, they processed 4.2 million claims and catered to over 1.2 million lives, offering YourDirect-Rx competitive drug prices and services similar to other PBMs.

What conditions does our remote doctor cover?

- Allergies and rashes
- Arthritis pain
- Back pain or injury
- Bone or joint pain, strain or injury
- Chickenpox
- Cold sores (fever blisters)
- Diarrhea
- Earache
- Eczema
- Conjunctivitis or pink eye
- Fever and flu
- Headache
- Impetigo
- Insect bites and stings
- Lice
- Lyme disease
- Nasal or respiratory congestion
- Prescriptions called in when appropriate
- Rashes
- Sinusitis or sinus infections
- Soft tissue and muscle injuries or pain
- Sore throat
- Stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
- Upper respiratory infections
- Upset stomach
- Urinary tract infections
- Vomiting
- Your individual medical concerns

What is a PBM?

A PBM, or Pharmacy Benefit Manager, is a company that manages prescription drug benefits on behalf of health insurance providers and employers. They work to negotiate drug prices, choose which drugs will be covered by insurance, and handle the processing of drug claims. Essentially, they act as a middleman between insurers, drug companies, and pharmacies.

PBMs are for-profit companies that “manage” prescription drug benefits for more than 266 million Americans on behalf of payers, including private insurers, Medicare Part D drug plans, government employee plans, large employers, and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

PBMs help payers:
- Create a list of covered drugs for plans (“a formulary”);

- Manage drug utilization by enrollees (e.g., by setting copays, prior authorization policies, etc.);

- Reimburse pharmacies for providing the enrollee drugs.

How does YourDirect-Rx compare to others out there that claim to have free formulary’s as well but for less cost?

YDRx vs. Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Program?

- You pay for every script. Cost Plus starts their prices at US Average Whole Price and adds on from there. (We offer over 1,000 generics in 90-day supply shipped to your door for free + select brand & specialty drugs at up to 80% below US AWP.)

- Cost Plus only offers discounts on 3 branded drugs. (We have discounts on all select brand & specialty drugs)

- Does not have a telemedicine component. (YDRx includes telemedicine, the calls are free and unlimited in all 50 States)

YDRx vs Amazon Prime RxPass?

- RxPass only includes 50 commonly-prescribed generic medications, you pay for the rest. (YDRx has over 1,000+ generics in 90-day supply shipped to your door for free - no copay and no shipping)

- You have to be a Prime Member and it only includes one other adult in the household - not the entire family. You need more memberships for that.

- There is no telemedicine component. (YDRx includes telemedicine, the calls are free and unlimited in all 50 States)

- There is no PBM behind RxPass. (YDRx has a full PBM partner)

- RxPass does not have up to 80% discounts off ALL select brand & specialty drugs.

YDRx vs. GoodRx Gold?

- GoodRx Gold offers around 1,000 generic prescriptions for less than $10. (YDRx offers over 1,000+ generic prescriptions for free)

- GoodRx Gold is limited to ≈ 36,000 pharmacies. (We deal with 68,000+ nationwide pharmacies)

- Telemedicine visits start at $19 per call and go up from there. (Our telemedicine is included in our program - the calls are free and unlimited in all 50 States)

- On average the best prices from GoodRx Gold is 20% more than YDRx for the same drugs.

When do my benefits start?

Sign up by the 24th of any month for coverage effective on the 1st of the following month.

What do I get when I sign up for YourDirect-Rx?

Yes. Once the file is sent for the month, you will receive a printable prescription benefits card along with our partners' contact information to answer any questions.

How does this work with my health care insurance?

It doesn't. YDRx specifically targets your prescription benefits, aiming to save you money and reduce the time it takes to get your medications. Simply show your prescription card at your local pharmacy.

Is this insurance?

No. YDRx is not insurance - it is prescription benefit coverage with a remote doctor service.

Is there a money back guarentee?

Yes, we do issue refunds if our members aren't completely satisfied with our service. Please refer to our refund policy for more.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our friendly customer care team.
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